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    Your help is needed with many projects affecting our community. Sign-up to join our mailing list. All are welcome to attend the monthly meetings. Voting members are selected by individual stakeholder groups as described in the MPSN by-laws.

    Monthly Meetings

    MPSN meetings are held the second Wednesday of each month at 5:30pm.

    Museum of Fine Arts Houston
    Beck Building, Farish Media Center
    5600 Main
    Houston, TX 77004

    MPSN Representatives

    Kathleen O'Reilly (Museum Park Neighborhood Association)

    Vice President
    Paul Wilson (Covenant Church - Faith)

    Ruth Ann Skaff (Museum Park Neighborhood Association)

    Sandra Stevens (Museum Park Neighborhood Association)


    Ruth Ann Skaff


    Past President

    Russell Hruska, Intexure

    Jose Ferrero, ARKA

    Business Alternate
    Ernesto Maldonado, Glassman Shoemake Maldonado Architects


    Grace Cavnar

    Health-Based Facility
    Gail Chevalier Douglas Chung 

    Hermann Park Conservancy
    Doreen Stoller

    Hermann Park Conservancy Alternates

    Kyle Wolfe

    Emily Chambers

    Mid/High-Rise Developments

    Ruth Ann Skaff

    Miller Outdoor Theatre
    Cissy Segall Davis

    Museum District Association
    Julie Farr

    Museum District - Asia Society - Texas Center
    Oleg Jollic

    Museum District Alternate - Houston Museum of Natural Science

    Brad Levy

    Neighborhood Representative
    Barbara McGuffey

    South Main Alliance

    Susan Young

    South Main Alliance Alternate
    Monica Rhodes