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Invest in My Own Community

On behalf of the Houston Southeast and ARVO Realty Advisors, we wish to extend an invitation to you to participate in the Invest in My Own Community (IMOC) Program.

The IMOC Program has been developed by ARVO Realty Advisors to address the lack of commercial real estate investment and development by those that are a legacy of, or live and work within underserved communities. This unique community approach to investing and developing commercial real estate will change underserved communities and lives for years to come.

The IMOC Program provides an overview of key topics related to commercial real estate investing and development for those with very little, to no real estate experience. It outlines the basic concepts commonly used in the commercial real estate industry and is geared towards removing the fear of commercial real estate investing and development. This program will educate participants on the components and processes of commercial real estate investment and development from a beginner’s perspective utilizing case studies and expert guest panelists.

The featured expert panelist of Session I of the IMOC Program will be Michael Smith, President & Managing Partner of Pine Place Development, LLC. Mr. Smith will provide an overview of the commercial real estate development process.

The IMOC Program begins on Saturday, February 18, 2017, at the Palm Center Business Technology Center, 5330 Griggs Rd., Houston, Texas 77021. Registration is from 8:00 am to 8:30 am. The class schedule, course materials, and additional information will be available at that time. Currently there is no cost for participants but, seating is limited. Call today (713)952-5066 today to reserve your space, or register at

You do not want to miss this opportunity to create Generational Wealth while transforming and redefining the course of your community!

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